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Company Profile

Shenzhen Seacamels Network Co.,ltd(The Former Name:Shenzhen Honghai Import&Export Co.,ltd) was founded in 2009, specializing in providing professional integrated service for foreign trade, and its headquarters is located in Shenzhen.

The principle of our service is to focus on the user's core interests. We commit ourselves to the core problems that users encounter in international trade, such as credit payment(OA&L/C), Quality & Delivery, Transaction cost & Efficiency etc. Through the advanced Internet technology, we can provide businessmen at home and abroad a safer, more convenient and more efficient services for international trade.

Seacamels is a order- oriented foreign trade platform, dominated by international buyers. By creating the global first place- order online system and goods tracking online system, it has realized the whole-process transactions online for international commodities trading.

Seacamels has the system capable of tracking and monitoring the whole process of trading in the real time, especially for production process, so as to ensure quality & delivery. And the flexible payment services ,which is easy to apply in Seacamels platform, can solve problems about the various payment terms effectively for both parties in transactions, in order to alleviate the pressure of payment for goods, reduce the risk of trading, and greatly improve the success rate of the transaction.

Seacamels makes full use of media strengths of the internet platform in foreign trade, to make the interactive communication Online and Offline more convenient, more efficient, as a result of lower cost and risk. And Seacamels creates a "OPO " (Online- Platform- Offline) transaction mode on a global scale.

Compared with other platforms, Seacamels has realized:

1. One-Stop Transactions & Export Online for Commodity. ( More convenient & more efficient. )

2. Tracking and monitoring the production process online in real time. (To ensure the quality & delivery.)

3. Payment terms services.(To solve payment terms problemss, and share the trade risk.)

4. Lower risk, lower cost and higher trade rate. (With Credit Membership & Exact matching system.)

Corporate Culture

Faith-based, Service-oriented, Sophisticated Outstanding, pro and symbiotic, customer satisfaction. Development Strategy

Based on China, around the globe, let's make Seacamels the model platform with integrated service for commodities in international trade.

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